Friday, June 02, 2006

Take One

If the Tigers don't run all over the Yankees and Sox (White and Red), people suggest that their start is all for nothing. This is silly and crazy talk. Last year, the White Sox didn't play the Red Sox until July; the White split the four-game series with the Red. In Chicago. Soon after, on an East Coast swing, the White Sox took 2 wins and 3 losses. The Yankees visited Chicago in August and took 2 of 3. How did the Sox build their amazing early season record? By beating the teams they should beat.

Eric Mack, at, writes the weekly Power Rankings and he's chomping to drop the Tigers. He wrote this:

"They're off to an 0-1 start, and playing .500 against them won't be enough to stay at this lofty place."

Actually, .500 against Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays and White Sox will be just fine. None of these teams sweep each other on the season. If a team plays around .500 (preferably above) against the best team and runs the bad teams, they'll be good.

That said, it'd been nice if the Tigers hadn't blown up in extra innings the other night. The positive (other than a comeback win last night) is that this Tigers team is capable of coming back from a big hole. This is a tough little team. This has to go almost entirely to Leyland.


Blogger Sheeshabum said...

You could use the Detroit Pistons as a great example of the Detroit Tigers this year both. Great teamwork, great players, great mangement and no Super-Jockies.As (I think) said Yogi Berra : "Its not over til its over".When the play-offs are finished, the guys who publish in newspapers for their living and to put bread on their table, or foots in their own mouth, can have the last word , or just hope that the majority of the readers have short memories.I remeber well the 1969 Mets who were the Jokers of all baseball but upset the NL and the World Champion Oriels. Or the Florida Marlins? Even if they don't win, Jim Leyland and his GM have breathed life into those very Fla. Marlins and into our Detroit Tigers of today.

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